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March 3, 2015 / By Katrina Ramalho

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Sunday is my favorite day of the week and I usually have my best travelflix post on Sundays. Im usually local and I make it point to discover the city Im in. In keeping up with my favorite places, I like to checkin on the app and capture the smells taste & sounds of Los Angeles. This Sunday had a nostalgia that reminded me of my home town, London England. I will always remember Sundays at the local pub. These were some of the most memorable moments. Ive been chasing that feeling ever since. I share my Sunday moments on travelflix as guide to really exploring our local best.

My first stop was Korean BBQ in Korea Town. I checked in on Travelflix to store and share my favorite Korean spot. I was anticipating endless Korean meat and their famous sides. I also made sure I got a bottle of Nagori Saki to wash it all down.To my surprise Castle II was no longer there. They are under new ownership.The food was average at best. Im looking for a new Korean spot. If anyone knows of a cheap and good alternative share it on travelflix.

My next stop was a bar for inexpensive cocktails and a great atmosphere. Believe it or not, there are places in Los Angeles that fit this criteria. I checked out a Piano Bar in Hollywood. I loved this spot because it had a London pub feeling and it was filled with locals. It also had “Happy Hour” on Sundays! I had a $4.00 dollar Cuba Libre and it was perfect. This is a great location for taking it easy on a Sunday. lIMG_3640