Top 10 Travel Destinations that are “Off The Beaten Path”

February 28, 2018 / By Katrina Ramalho


According to Forbes Magazine, most millennial’s gather travel inspiration from social media. While some are more interested in visiting top destinations, others are looking for something totally new and off the beaten path. Travelflix has an entire category of places dedicated to those of you seeking places off the beaten path.  Although popular places like France and New York are still popular here are the top 10 list from Forbes for those of us who are seeking a local and authentic experience.

  1. Liverpool England

  2. Bordeaux France

  3. Dusseldorf Germany

  4. Glasglow, Scotland

  5. Cambridge, Massachusetts

  6. Portland Oregon

  7. Ann Arbor, Michigan

  8. Cairo, Egypt

  9. Phuket, Thailand

  10. Naples, Italy