February 28, 2018 / By Katrina Ramalho

Traveler Originals is a clothing brand that allows you to share your journeys, the places that you have been and the places that you want to go.

Each jacket and hoodie is made with the finest quality, and represent both style and performance. 

It is a customized jacket with custom patches that reflect all the places you have been to, and even the ones that you one day want to experience. 

With proprietary smart features embedded into the fabric, such as smart phone contact info sharing, check-in options, this jacket is a must have for all your vacation moments.

Combined with custom designing, social media features, style, luxury, and distinction, this urban style jacket represents a not only just another smart jacket, but more so a lifestyle. 

Finally, a jacket and hoodie that defines your travels, your experiences, and your life story.

Even the logo itself is glow-in-the-dark, allowing for distinction, and also as a beacon light in those rather dark locations and places in helping you to be spotted and recognized, which is a great thing for those dark outdoor locations and places.

Traveler Originals represents a conscious cosmopolitan who not only travels to the most amazing places around the world, but one who has the tools to share with others their journey and their stories, by having one of these amazing jackets or hoodies that almost shares your story itself.

Each jacket and hoodie is custom designed based on each persons travel experience, that comes with a customized user name tag, an assortment of patches, that can be fit on one of 4 different jackets or hoodie to choose from (the urban bomber, the windbreaker, the puffy jacket and the puffy vest. 

Sizes range from small, medium, large, and XXL.

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