It’s time for a real vacation

July 22, 2014 / By Katrina Ramalho

As a person who really enjoys traveling, the demands of a work schedule and other responsibilities make it very difficult to take a real vacation. I am in great need of a trip to another country where I can escape my sense of reality and really experience the other side of the world. The best trips for me are really going places that force you to reach outside your comfort zone. 

A real vacation is experiencing the  life, culture and food of a country. One my best trips in college was my trip to Jamaica and at the time it was one of a few opportunities I had to get outside of the United States. Jamaica offered me a cultural glimpse into Caribbean cultural. From the clear skies to the “fire lights” I enjoyed every piece of this trip. Mountainous terrane so green its like someone pressed contrast on your television set, this place is a tropical oasis.I remember being there during Christmas time ,which is by the way the best time of year to visit Jamaica. I appreciated this place for making room for everyday life. The businesses shut down for a month and everyone takes the time to celebrate the holidays with their friends and neighbors. Concerts featuring some of reggaes biggest artist performing for their hometowns or perish, a name used for neighborhoods in Jamaica. A free concert and a doorway into local life that has all the makings of an incredible experience. The food, the people and the music all come together to make this the reason that a real vacation has to offer these elements.