Nobu Los Angeles Sushi

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho


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Sushi is a popular destination for locals in Los Angeles. However, none of the restaurants provide as elegant experience as Nobu in Los Angeles when it comes to having sushi. The experience is not just limited to the food itself but also to the ambiance which reflects the personality of the people of Los Angeles who walk through the doors of this restaurant. Even thought the restaurant has primarily become famous for Sushi but there are some other recipes as well which are definitely worth a try.

Some of the recipes which deserve a try in addition to sushi are:

-Wagu Gyoz
-Kaba Ribeye

One of the main reasons why Nobu deserves a visit is because of the sheer versatility among the fusions cuisine with recipes like lobster truffle which is a treat to watch as well as eat. The only bit of advice which you need to follow when planning to visit this restaurant is to get in early or a book a table in advance as it can get pretty crowded.

The plating of each and every recipe is a visual treat which makes the recipe even better. You can start off with the wide range of drinks from the bar, which provides you with a perfect way to kickstart your evening followed by some great fusion cuisine.

One thing which you would almost instantly notice about the place are the knowledgeable servers. If you are confused as to what you should opt for then just let the servers decide for you. They will just ask you, your preferences and they will be able to pick the best culinary marvels from their menu for you.

Another point which you would obviously notice about this restaurant is that some of the recipes actually have a tinge of Mexican cuisine to it. Therefore, it is not just a fusion of their Japanese cuisine with American cuisine but you would be able to find a twist in Mexican cuisine in between which actually makes it much spicier. Due to this very reason, if you like to buy seafood, you would be able to love the type of recipes served here. Normally, people do not prefer the less spicy Japanese cuisine, but this place has managed to give it a twist by adding a tinge of Mexican flavors.

So, if you are craving for some famous sushi along with some fusion Japanese cuisine, this one is the perfect option.