The Phoenix

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho

16. The Phoenix

If you want to hang out with your friends in Los Angeles, this one is the perfect lounge for you. It is located at West 3rd street. Not only is the food good  but you would also love the music. If you like the throwback music, this one is the perfect options for you. The throwback music really sets up the proper ambiance.

Some of the food and beverages which you should definitely try are:



-Tokimon Go

-Grilled Zucchini

Around 8 to 9 pm, the place is pretty quiet but as the night goes on it gets louder.  The best thing about this place is that the crowd pretty affluent. You get to enjoy a variety of music in this really cool place. Moreover the service here is pretty good too if you’re here on a weekend. It may be a bit slower than usual. There is also a patio outside which has heaters as well. The lounge is dimly lit which ensures that you are able to have some privacy as well. If you just want to spend a good time with your friends, this is the perfect option for you in the area