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May 10, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho

1.Pop Brixton

Pop Brixton is a project which is driven by the local community to create something interesting out of the unused land. Currently, it is dotted with the businesses in the food industry as well as other retail outlets along with social enterprises as well. Owing to the perfect mix of hospitality stores as well as tourist attractions, it has become a very popular tourist spot. If youíre looking to have a fun time in London, this is where you should head over to. You would find a mixture of:





-Street artists
-Food stalls
-Fun ambience
-Classy restaurants

You can easily choose between observing the street artists to witnessing a live orchestra or heading over to some of the classy restaurants or food stalls.

The dÈcor of the place is brilliantly done which adds to the ambiance of the place. Some of the restaurants which you can surely head over to are:

-Duck Duck Goose
-Franzina Trattoria
-Donostia Social Club

On the other hand, if youíre looking to get some drinks, the best places are:

-World of Wurst
-Brixton Port authority
-S11 bar

Some of the start-ups which are based in pop Brixton are:


-Fresh strawberry
-KHK technology
-Restoration Brixton

All in all, if your looking for a good place to hang out with your friends or explore the party culture of London, Pop Brixton is one of the best places to head out to. You would surely be able to find something which suits your taste whether it is the street plays or the display of art or the artistically done landscape in the area.

Camden in London is one of the most versatile melting pot of different cultures. If you like people watching, this is one of the best places to head out to when in London. As a tourist, you would find plenty of scenic spots as well to capture some memorable photos. In addition to that, there is much more to do in Camden as well.

Dingwalls is one of the best venues to head over to if you want to catch some live music or even gigs which happen every week. You would find plenty of budding artists performing their each and every week.

If youíre looking to spend a lazy afternoon in Camden, you can head over to the Edinboro castle which not only has some of the most beautiful and biggest gardens which you would ever see but which is an architectural marvel as well.

If you want to relax with your family and friends, simply head over to one of the famous pubs and bars in the area which include:

-Devonshire arms
-The Hawley arms
-Ice Wharf
-Fifty Five

In case, you are looking forward to explore the local cuisine of London, you can head over to the KERB Camden market which has over 35 food stalls to choose from. You can not only get the local cuisine of London but also you would be able to sample many other cuisines from all over the world. Also, the cost of food is on the affordable side which ensures that you would not have to break the bank in order to have some high quality and tasty cuisines.

In case, youíre in the mood of shopping, you can head over to the Camden stables which houses one of the most popular London markets. It is dotted with hundreds of different small businesses selling each and every type of thing which you might be looking for.

The street art scene in Camden is also pretty active with multiple artists displaying their art all along the way including graffiti on the streets. If youíre looking to explore art in a more formal setting, you can head over to the proud Camden which is a unique mix of an art gallery spread across 10,000 ft.≤ as well as a nightclub. It is one of the perfect ways to end the day in Camden.

All in all, if youíre looking to explore the local art and cultural scene of London, Camden is one of the perfect places to visit.


Soho is located in the heart of London. It is one of the best districts to visit when youíre exploring London. It has the right mix of entertainment along with a buzzing nightlife and some great food options as well. If youíre looking to do some shopping, then as well it is one of the best places to visit in London.

Soho is spread across 2.6 km≤. It is located at the West End. It can be easily reached through the bus or through the tube. The nearest stations to Soho district are:


-Piccadilly Circus
-Tottenham Court Road
-Leicester Square
-Oxford Circus

In case, you are looking to indulge in some shopping therapy, the best places to visit are:

-Berwick Street
-Carnaby Street
-Kingly court

While in Soho, you would also come across stores of many reputed brands in Oxford street as well as Regent Street. If you love music, a stroll across the Denmark street would give you a glimpse into many different music shops in the area which sell all kind of stuff related to music.

The Soho district in London is also dotted with numerous theatres which would help you explore the English culture and have an entertaining time while doing so. Some of the most popular theatres in this district are:

-Prince Edward Theatre
-Prince of Wales Theatre

The artists, as well as shows in these theaters, range from the budget artists all the way to celebrity artists as well. Do make sure that you get the tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointment.

After catching a play or a musical performance, it is a good idea to head over to one of the numerous pubs or secret bars which throng the area. Some of the most popular ones include:

-O Bar
-Bar Soho
-Bar Italia
-100 club

On the other hand, if youíre looking for a good meal after a long day, some of the restaurants which you can visit are:

-Yalla Yalla
-Cinnamon Soho
-Masala Zone

As mentioned in the article above, Soho is one of the tourist districts which is a must visit when in London. You would be able to not only explore the culinary scene of London but also the cultural scene as well and opt for some high-end shopping as well.

4.Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic structures associated with London. Since 1937, it has been the official residence of London royalty. Buckingham Palace consists of 775 rooms and is 108 metres in length and 120 metres in depth and 24 metres in height. When in London it is one of the most iconic structures which you should definitely visit.

The best place to visit the Buckingham Palace is in the months of summer. Also, it is open when the Queen is not at home which is usually from the months of August to September. The duration of the tour of the Buckingham Palace is around 2 hours and 30 minutes. There are quite a few attractions which you can explore during the tour of the Buckingham Palace like:

19 State Rooms
Throne Room
Grand Staircase
Fine Art
Prince Charles Audio Tour
Change of Guard
Reaching Buckingham Palace is pretty easy. There are multiple modes of transport which you can use. The nearest underground station is the Victoria underground which is 10 minutes’ walk away from the Buckingham Palace. The hop-on and hop-off sightseeing buses also have a stop at the Buckingham Palace.

A visit to London would be incomplete without a visit to this iconic structure. Therefore, the next time around you are planning a trip to London do make sure that you visit the Buckingham Palace to get a glimpse of greatest treasures of royal collections and the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Great Britain.

   5.Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square and its vicinity has plenty to do for tourists. The vicinity is dotted with various restaurants as well as other attractions like:

– National Gallery
-St Martin-in-the-fields concerts
-Nelsons Column
-The Fourth Plinth
-British Optical Association Museum

Apart, from the attractions which we mentioned above, you can also witness the Horse Guards Parade. Around Trafalgar Square, there are plenty of old buildings which are associated with the cavalry as well as Horse Guards Parade. You can witness the changing of the guard at around 11 in the morning each and every day. Also, there is the daily inspection in the afternoon at 4 PM as well. In addition to that, you can also pay a visit to the household cavalry museum.

After witnessing the rich architectural as well as cultural heritage of London, if youíre a bit hungry, you can visit the numerous restaurants in the vicinity like:

-Portrait restaurant(0.15 mi)
-The Admiralty(0.06 mi)
-Prezzo-St Martinís Lane(0.15 mi)
-Barrafina(0.15 mi)
-Leicesters Square Kitchen(0.15 mi)

Trafalgar Square is one of the most famous landmarks which is associated with London. Also, it is busy throughout the day and therefore plan your visit accordingly. It is also nearby many of the other tourist attractions like:

-House of parliament
-Westminster Abbey
-Piccadilly Circus

Thus, you can easily plan your trip in association with the other tourist attractions which you would be able to cover in a short period of time while on your way to Trafalgar square. All in all, when youíre on your trip to London, it is well worth your time to head over to Trafalgar Square.



6. Hyde Park

Hyde Park in London is spread across more than 350 acres. It consists of a lake as well which crisscrosses throughout the park. The lake is a popular venue for swimming as well as relaxing.To the north of the park, you would find a bird sanctuary. Some of the other tourist attractions which you can visit in and around Hyde Park are:

-Serpentine Art Gallery
-Kensington Gardens and Palace
-Speakers Corner

in addition to these, there are plenty of concerts as well as festivals which are held in Hyde Park as well. Also, during the Christmas season,
Hyde Park is also venue to Christmas Wonderland.

The park is open from 5 AM in the morning to midnight each and every day. Reaching the park is pretty easy with the help of public transport.



By the tube, you can alight on the following tube stations in order to reach Hyde Park:

-Lancaster Gate on central line
-Marble arch central line
-Hyde Park corner on Piccadilly line
-Knightsbridge on Piccadilly line

by the bus,you can opt for:

-C2, 6, 7, 19, 23 on the north
-2, 137, 148 on the south
-9, 14, 19 on the west
-8, 15, 23 on the east

As you can see, Hyde Park is pretty well connected with the public transport. Whether you want to explore the cultural heritage of London or whether you just want to rent a chair and relax in Hyde Park, it is the perfect venue to spend a lazy afternoon catching some sun. When in London, surely visit this rare green space within the confines of the city.












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