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May 10, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho

1. The Strip

The strip in Las Vegas is dotted with plenty of hotels as well as casinos. It consists of numerous restaurants as well. There are plenty of things to do when you’re visiting the Strip in Las Vegas. Some of the attractions which you can frequent are:

• Bellagio pool bar
• City Centre
• Conservatory at Bellagio
• Downtown cocktail room
• Encore beach club
• The High Roller
• Bellagio Fountains

The strip is also host to a variety of concerts as well as musical events from time to time. The Las Vegas strip is one of the most iconic parts of the Las Vegas city. It is dotted with many architectural landmarks as well as the Bellagio Fountains. These structures in itself, have become a landmark for the city.

Also, as most of the resorts as well as hotels are located in this area, you can be sure that there are plenty of gambling options as well. Most of the famous casinos are located in this very area.

When you’re picking up the most famous hotels to stay in Las Vegas, you would most likely be staying in this area, as hotels are highly concentrated in the area. Even if you do not choose a hotel which is over here, you would surely have to visit this area in order to gamble in one of the casinos.

All in all, it is dotted with plenty of tourist attractions as well as some of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas.


2. The Fremont Experience Downtown Las Vegas
The Fremont Experience involves a closed street which consists of a lot of bars as well as restaurants and street performers. It is the perfect place for you to visit if you want to catch the Las Vegas vibe as well as a fun time. During the evenings as well as night, it is covered with the canopy of lights which adds to the ambiance.

The centre stage always has a show on most of the evenings. It can be a local artist or girls dancing of the DJ. However, since it is Las Vegas, things can get a bit heated and therefore, it is better to avoid bringing children here. There is also light show during the evenings which runs once every hour. Also, at times the music can get a bit loud. However, if you’re in the party mood, it is one of the best experiences in Las Vegas.

pic credit vegas experience

Some of the best restaurants which you can visit are:

• Triple 7 restaurant
• Redwood Steakhouse
• Aloha specialities
• California Noodle house

In addition to that, around the Fremont experience, you would find plenty of casinos as well as clubs which you can visit as well. The entire ambiance lights of during the evenings make it much more fun to visit. There is no dearth of restaurants or bars or street performers. The only downside is that you would find parking a bit far as most of the times; the nearest parking options are full.

All in all, if you want to experience the real Las Vegas vibe, the Fremont experience is a must.

3.Cirque du soleil

Cirque du soleil is a name to reckon with when it comes to entertainment in Las Vegas. They have had plenty of successful shows under their belt. Some of the shows which they are currently running are:

– Mystere
– Zumanity
– Chris Angel mind freak

The most popular show which is on offer currently is O. It is quite a show which has gained a lot of popularity as well. Even though the ticket prices are a bit higher at $100/person but it is well worth the price considering the perfectly coordinated show which is presented. It has received raving reviews from the audience as well. If youíre trying to get one of their shows on the weekend, just keep in mind that they are booked months in advance. That is why it is a better idea to get the tickets in advance so that you are able to get the best spot in the theatre.

Zumanity is another one of their hit shows which is based on an adult theme. Thus, if youíre looking for some adult entertainment in Las Vegas, this is one of the perfect options for you.

All in all, if youíre looking for some quality entertainment in Las Vegas, you can pick one of the shows from Cirque du soleil depending on the niche which you prefer in theatre.


4.Red Rock

If your looking to stay away from the strip when in Las Vegas, Red Rock Casino resort and spa is one of the perfect options for you. With over 815 rooms, you would always be able to choose the room of your preference quite easily. The hotel also offers you a shuttle service to the strip as well as to the airport.  The interior decor of the room is pretty modern as well.

Some of the amenities present in the hotel are:

-24-hour in-room dining
-Private bar
-In-room safe
-Internet access
-Web TV
-Fitness center
-Sand Bar Pool
-Down comforters

The spa and the hotel is the perfect option for gambling as well. If youíre looking to gamble, the casino has over 60 different gambling tables to choose from. The casino offers you a bingo room as well as a poker room as well. There are plenty of video poker machines as well. Thus, it has a well-equipped casino which provides you with multiple gaming options.

If you want to choose the room with the best view, make sure that you are choosing the one with the Mountain View.

All in all, if youíre looking off the strip hotel rooms, red Rock Casino resort and spa is one of the perfect options for you.



5. Summerlin Town Center

The Summerlin town center is host to a lot of stores like Dillards, Macyís and also boasts of a lot of dining options as well. Thus, when you head out of Red Rock Hotel and casino, you would find yourself in the thick of action even though the strip is a bit far.

Some of the dining options which you have nearby are:


-Wolfgang Puck Bar-

-Fago De Chu


If you are looking for some entertainment options nearby, there is a theatre near the town square as well. The only downside is that the stores, as well as restaurants, are spread out a lot. Therefore, you would have to walk a bit. There is no dearth of parking space, which makes it easier for you to park the vehicle and head over to the stores which you prefer.

If you are just bored of staying in your hotel and want to indulge in some shopping, just head over to the Townsquare of Summerlin and you would be able to easily find the right mix of shopping options as well as dining options and even entertainment options. You need not visit far in order to spend your time. If youíre looking to spend a quiet evening, you can head over to one of the many dining options which are available near the square. You can pick the restaurant according to the type of cuisine which you prefer. This makes it easier for you to have a relaxed evening in the quiet atmosphere, as the town square is also away from the strip.



5.Caesars Palace


Caesars Palace has become an icon on the Las Vegas landscape. Whether you speak about the numerous restaurants and celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Guy Savoy or whether you speak about the enormous casino which it has on offer. Sure enough, it has become one of the most iconic hotels in Las Vegas.

When youíre staying at Caesars Palace, there is plenty to do. The property boasts of a 5-acre garden which consists of 6 different pools as well. You can either relax in the pool lounge or you can catch some sun by one of the pool sides. With over 3900 different rooms, you can be sure that you would almost always be able to find the one which is as per your requirement.

The total hosts a lot of events throughout the year. Some of the events lined up in the next few weeks include:

– Elton John in Concert

-Celine Dion in concert

-Rod Stewart in concert

Hotel hosts such events of celebrities of the same caliber throughout the year. Therefore, you would be able to catch some such events whenever you visit the hotel. That is why you would be able to find plenty of entertainment options when you visit the hotel.

The hotel also boasts of a lot of different restaurants for you to choose from. Some of the most famous restaurants in the hotel include:

-Mesa Grill

-Old Homestead Steakhouse

-Mr. Chow

-Bacchanal Buffet

If your  looking to explore some of the nearby tourist attractions, you can visit

-Bellagio Fountains(0.25 mi)

-Cleopatraís Barge(0.15 mi)

-Skye Art Gallery (0.15 mi)

-Flamingo wildlife habitat(0.2 mi)

Thus, if your looking to explore the strip as well as other attractions in Las Vegas, staying in Caesars Palace is one of the best options for you. Not only, it boasts of an iconic status but also there are plenty of things to do in and around the hotel when youíre staying in Caesars Palace.


6. The Stratosphere Tower


Most of the people head over to the Stratosphere Tower in order to catch a glimpse of the Las Vegas city from a greater height. The stratosphere Tower provides you with a lot of different entertainment options. The Stratosphere Tower is located on top of the Stratosphere Hotel near the strip. Instead of just getting the views of the city, you can indulge in many other experiences while on the stratosphere Tower like

-Bigshot ride
-Insanity ride
-X-Scream Coaster

If youíre looking to soak in the views of the city and have a relaxing time, you can head over to any one of the restaurants and eateries in the Stratosphere Tower namely:

– Top of the world
– 107 skylounge
– Airbar
-Tower Creamery

On the other hand, if youíre just trying to catch the birdís eye view of the city, you can head over to the end of the observation deck or the outdoor observation deck. You can even book the observation deck for private events as well.

The Stratosphere Tower has become famous over the years due to the beautiful birdís eye view of the entire city which it provides. The attractions are usually open from 10 in the morning till 2 in the night. Therefore, you can easily choose the time that is most convenient for you in order to visit the Stratosphere Tower.

If you really want to catch a glimpse of the entire city from a single place, the Stratosphere Tower is one of the best options for you to do so. The views from the top are simply mesmerizing.

7. The Peppermill Las Vegas


The number of restaurants serving American cuisine is pretty large in Las Vegas. However, if youíre looking for an authentic American cuisine, one of the best options is The Peppermill which is located on Las Vegas Boulevard. You can opt for their lunch menu or the breakfast menu or the brunch menu.

The ambiance of the restaurant is pretty chic and trendy. The sitting arrangement is such that you would be able to get much-needed privacy as well. Along with the darker lights, you can be sure that it is one of the best places to go with your friends or with your date. If you head over to the back of the restaurant, there is a fire pit as well around which the patrons can easily gather and have their favorite food. The neon lights just complement the party ambiance. When it comes to the cuisine, some of the food and beverages which you should definitely try are:

ïChocolate chip cookie cocktail
ïCountry fried steak
ïCaprese Pesto sandwich

Most of the items from the breakfast menu come along with the toast and are quite fulfilling as well. The portion size also is pretty huge. However, on the weekends the restaurant can be pretty full and you might have to wait for 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

The next time around, you are in the sin city and are looking for some tasty breakfast or brunch, just head over to The Peppermill as the place does not disappoint you with it’s ambiance nor with its food. The generous portion sizes provide you with the value for money meal option.

8. New York Casino


The New York Casino is located on the ground floor of the New York Hotel & Casino. The casino also incorporates plenty of restaurants and bars which extend the ambiance of the casino. The casino is pretty clean and the party ambiance created by the management is perfect as well. On weekends though it can get a bit noisy.

As the name itself suggests, the casino is themed after New York city and it exactly mimics that and provides you with New York look and feel. The number of gaming options in the casino is also pretty high and spread across different types of games like:

-Slot Machines
-Racing & Sportsbook options
-Roulette and  Craps



The casino also offers you plenty of bonus promotions as well. These are mostly targeted for the mid-week days. That is why, if your arriving at this casino on Tuesday or Wednesday, you would be able to take advantage the of these bonus offers.

Also, if your staying at the hotel as well, you would be able to get loyalty benefits as well. This would provide you with free play options as well. With the location of the casino being in the center of the city, this is one of the best gambling options.

So, whether your staying at the New York hotel or not, the casino surely merits a visit due to the theme based ambiance as well as the number of games which are on offer. Just keep a lookout for the special promotions which are launched by the management from time to time.





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