Good Times at Dave and Wayne

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho


12. Good Times at Dave and Wayne


If you’re looking to just have a nice time with your friends, then this bar on El Centro Ave is the place to be. The crowd here is also pretty lit and fun to be around. One thing which you would instantly notice before even entering the bar is that refrigerator door you must go thru before you enter into the club. On the other side may be your parents living room with plastic on the furniture and vintage lighting.  This is what makes this place rock. It is like being in a time warp and the decade is the “1970’s.”

One of unique things which they have to offer is the mezcal. In addition to that, some of the food and beverages which you can try:

-Fuzzy Bitches Cocktail
-Steak Tacos

The place can get pretty crowded and that is why it is a good idea to reach here before 11.

As for the sitting area in the bar, there are plenty of sofa options but you should definitely opt for the patio area, as that is actually much more comfortable. They also have people perform on the roof overlooking patio. I’ve even seen figure skaters perform on thatroof right out a 1970s performance.