Galanga Thai Fusion West Hollywood

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho


5. Galanga Thai Fusion West Hollywood


Galanga Thai Fusion as the name suggest is a unique Thai cuisine that combines an authentic recipes with a modern twist. Located in West Hollywood this restaurant has a modern zen look with a green back patio. Unlike some of the other restaurants in the same area, this one offers you the option of free home delivery. This ensures that you can directly order it at your home if you’re living in the nearby areas. One of the main advantages of visiting this place is that you would be able to also explore the completely vegetarian options. Also, if you’re opting any item from their main course, it would be coming combined with:

-Coconut/steamed rice/Brown rice

-Steamed vegetables

This would ensure that the portion sizes are nice. There lunch prices are unmatched in the area. The lunch menu has prices at 5.99  and are very affordable.

Some of the recipes of this restaurant which you should definitely give a try are:

-Pad thai
-Panag Chicken Burritos
-Chicken with broccoli and Oyster Sauce
-Spicy Mixed Tofu


The only downside of visiting this restaurant is that it is almost always packed in the evening. That is why it is a better idea to visit this restaurant when you have some time on your hands.If you’re just wanting to explore the classic Thai dishes, then also you would be able to find plenty of such food items on the menu.

The service in this restaurant is good which ensures that you are able to get your food pretty fast.

So, when you’re trying to explore the Thai fusion cuisine or the original classic this restaurant is the perfect option for you.