Fig & Olive

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho


11. Fig & Olive


European cuisine is actually gaining quite a bit of popularity all over America. However, instead of just sampling the Italian cuisine or the Mediterranean cuisine, you should head over to Fig & Olive as it allows you to try different European cuisines. The place is pretty nice and you would find that it is on the trendy site. It has a dash of elegance and follows the latest trends which makes it a great place. When you’re heading over to this restaurant, make sure you opt for .Valet parking as it is very difficult to find the parking on Melrose Pl. If you really like the authentic European cuisine, this is one of the best places for you. Some of the food which you should definitely try are:

-Goat Cheese
-Warm Lava Cake
-Mushroom Croquettes
-Truffle Risotto

Being a European cuisine restaurant, the collection of wine was pretty good. Therefore, if you want to accompany your meal with some a great bottle of wine, this is one of the best restaurants.

The servers here are very professional and you would get a table very easy. The bread basket is pretty good and they have a brunch that is amazing.

So, if you want to sample the different European cuisines in a single place, this is one of the perfect restaurants for you.