Cheesecake Factory

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho


26. Cheesecake Factory


Cheesecake and American deserts have a long history together.The restaurant has outdoor seating area on the water as well as a quiet ambiance. However, if you want the classic American bar look, the place inside is buzzing with activity. The decor and interior matches the type of food they offer.Some of the food and beverages which you should definitely try are:

-Jambalaya Pasta
-Chicken Madeira
-Chicken Piccata
-Avocado Rolls
-Lettuce Wraps
-Fish Tacos
-Dynamite Shrimp

The food here is absolutely amazing. It has an  extensive menu with a variety of different food choices from around the world. The outside patio is almost bigger than the indoor dining area with fire pits for the perfect ambience.

The service here is pretty fast. Even on the busy days, you would be able to get your food quite quickly. In spite of the place being a chain of restaurants, this place holds its individual status among the best in the Marina Del Rey area.

The desserts here are the best part starting from the cheesecakes all the way to the white chocolate raspberry truffle.

So, if you’re looking to catch up with some traditional American food along with some brilliant desserts, this is definitely the place worth a visit.