Bottega Louie

July 21, 2017 / By Katrina Ramalho

29. Bottega Louie

Italian cuisine has been making its mark all over the world. When in Los Angeles, there is no better place to experience Italian cuisine than Bottega Louie located on S Grand Ave. Italian cuisine is known for its deserts. This place also follows the same trend. On the weekends especially, it can get crowded.

When you enter the place, you would be able to see the assortment of desserts as well as other types of bread on the counter. The assortment itself is pretty visually appealing.


Some of the food items which you should definitely try are:

-Crab Beignets
-Truffle Mashed potatoes
-Tartufo Pizza
-Carbonara Pasta
-Steak Fries

The place is pretty spacious with large ceilings and entirely elegant. The service here is also pretty good.

Moreover, whether you order pastas or whether you’re trying the Pizza, the food is amazing.

The only thing which you have to keep in mind is that parking is not easy to find. That is why, if you’re coming over the weekends,it will be a good idea to arrive a bit early.